(photo credit: Dan Pham)


So, I was told that this page was quite an exciting chance to be narcissistic for once. I’ll finally get to share my quirks, my passions, my can’t-live-withouts and my nerdy hobbies for you to know more about who you’ll get stuck with on your wedding day. *wink*

I appear most of the times as a down-to-earth and carefree guy who enjoys life and bite into the simple things, especially grapefruits and chocolates (I have an uncontrollable sweet tooth). One day, I’ve decided to pick up a DSLR to capture some memories during my vacations in Florida – I have always been fond of admiring other people’s work yet never making my own. My passion for photography has been growing ever since and I have always been naturally compelled to explore and witness the mysterious nature of love and the magical bond it creates between two people. The camera’s my tool, and I’m there to express, capture, seal – and showcase what I see and feel of your most important day so that in years to come, you will be able to look back and remember exactly the details of your most memorable day. Okay, that sounded cheesy. But it’s true!

In all honesty, I absolutely LOVE being surrounded by a roller coaster of emotions experienced throughout the day. I’ve seen people smile, laugh, cry and sob uncontrollably (of happiness, of course) and that just, every single time, greatly impacts me and makes me remember how weddings are simply the most emotional events that can happen in people’s lives. Although I’m just a photographer during your day, I can assure you, I feel every single moment of it.

So, now to hop on the most random conclusion ever. What are the things I enjoy doing, besides photography? In my past time, I revel in playing piano (classical), video games (oh the horror… just like 90% of every other guys out there), and practicing Tae Kwon Do. Also, if you’re a big fan of KPOP (korean pop), then I love you already. Lastly, like I stated above, I absolutely have a huge sweet tooth (I can ingest a box of cookies in less than an hour if no one is around me to restrain me from doing so), and am a fan of especially sushis and korean food.

TLDR; I’m a simple down-to-earth guy who appreciates the simple things in life. Oh and, shooting weddings, of course.

And, since we’re on the topic of weddings, relationships and love, might as well share this picture of myself with the love of my life. (can you get cheesier than this?)