Who says engineers usually look nerdy and awkward in front of a camera?

It’s time to scrap that stereotype, because shooting with Alvina and Alexandre proved to be quite the contrary. Having met on the Mcgill University campus while studying Mechanical engineering, they naturally wanted to reminisce the location (and memories) where it all started, which made it the perfect place for photos.

With the good weather on top of us, we started right at the main gates, accompanied by my trusty warriors Ken and Ray for assistance. As soon as I started firing the first shots, I knew the shoot was going to be a breeze, because of how natural A&A would behave and look in front of the camera – it was almost as if I wasn’t there to be honest. We were incredibly lucky also that Alvina received her Pakistani outfit, which she decided to wear for the session! And with the outfit came a veil as well: during the session, we all brainstormed quickly and came up with many ideas on how it could add to the photos (you’ll have to see for yourself). Those ideas may or may not have involved Ken and Ray flailing their arms, tossing the veil up, left and right. I was amazed that I didn’t have much to say – things were flowing quite smoothly, as we shot on the campus. At one point, we were even greeted by a homeless man who got jealous of not being taken in the photos, and started pointing out that we should shoot elsewhere. As troopers, we kept our cool and got some great photos which were totally worth it, before strolling off and ignoring him. Just when we thought we were done, we got lucky and were given an amazingly crimson red sky in the distance, which is something that we definitely couldn’t pass on 🙂

It was a bit hard this time for me to narrow down the selected photos, but with some effort, I was able to finally convince myself of my selection. Enjoy!

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