After a well deserved vacation to France and Spain, I had just came back in time to prepare myself for Alvina and Alexandre’s big day, happening in the quiet but relaxing town of Joliette, located about an hour away from Montreal. I was pretty stoked as the wedding was going to be a mix of Pakistani and French Canadian culture! The weather certainly looked good on paper, but barely stretched enough just for us to get some of the shots I wanted (read below)

The day started out perfectly with an amazing breakfast (I only say “amazing” if potatoes are included), especially since we had our room on the same floor as the whole bridal party, which allowed us to, of course, sleep more and be fully charged for the event. Everything went smoothly throughout the day – the excitement, the weather, the solid planning… until the rain decided to show up right at the end of the ceremony that was happening outdoors on the golf course. We all ran back indoors, but I figured that with that little amount of rain, we could still manage to get a few shots here and there. And so I went to scout the terrain, walked in mud a few times, got bit by mosquitoes through my thin shirt, but found a few spots to shoot that were covered by some trees. In the end, everything worked out, and we went back indoors in the reception tent, where the evening finished with a bang.

And finally, here’s the set of photos that will surely be more descriptive of the words I’ve typed above. Enjoy!

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