How many photographers/assistants are you during our day?

I always make sure to shoot with another photographer (my 2nd shooter, secondary) for the entire coverage you chose. So, should you get the entire coverage (morning til night), my 2nd photographer will usually start on the groom’s side, while I start on the bride’s side, before we eventually meet at the ceremony and stick together til the day is over.

If you decide to go wild and get the photobooth, I will have another assistant who will be around it to answer any questions during the reception, or troubleshoot any problems if ever they occur for some reason (example: I saw an awesome blond wig earlier! Where is it?????) The assistant will only show up at the reception, and not before.

In summary, 2 photographers all the time, for any coverage (2 in total).

If you get the photobooth, then we’ll be 2 photographers + 1 assistant (3 in total).


What services do you offer?

To start off, I offer 2 kinds of coverage for the wedding: half a day, or a full day. They are not limited by the hour, but should it take a lot longer than average (example: 13+ hours wedding), then an extra fee might be added for the extra time.

I also offer the addition of an engagement session with the wedding coverage, which I┬ástrongly encourage you to take. Not only will it make you used to my style of shooting, it will also make you used to my dorky self, my lame jokes and will give you the chance to show off the beautiful pictures to your friends during your reception and make them jealous (and then, they’ll just have to book me as well to counter you ­čśë )

Lastly, I also offer a photobooth service. All the props will already be at your disposal to use. However, there will not be any on-site printing. The pictures will be uploaded in an online gallery after the wedding so that your guests can view and download them at their convenience (at no charge).


How do you deliver the photos?

I always deliver the photos in high-resolution, JPG format, on either a USB key, or DVDs. I also provide an online gallery for viewing so you can freely share the photos with your relatives/friends.

Do you edit the photos you give us?

All the time. All of the photos I provide are edited along my standards and style to match my vision.

When can we expect the photos?

As usual, it varies depending on my workload. But, the range can be defined within 6-8 weeks following your wedding day.


Do you offer albums?

Because I personally think that albums take a lot of time and effort to make, I usually prefer recommending to my couples to make the album themselves via many online stores that offer easy-to-use applications for building it.


Do you offer video?

I do not, but can easily refer you to people whom I’ve enjoyed working with and whose works are definitely worth checking out.


What kind of style of photography do you go for?

I could let the pictures speak for themselves on my website. However, I always prefer that couples know ahead of my style of shooting. I dislike posing people too much (unless it’s during the formal shoots), and prefer to fully focus on capturing the key moments during your day: the emotions, the reactions, the moments, etc. I will always stay low at your wedding in a ninja-esque manner to capture everything smoothly.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we don’t do the detail shots, traditional posing, etc. We still do! But, our focus is rather emphasized on the moments and emotions, captured in a creative way.


What are your rates?

Feel free to contact me (the Contact button on the top right) and I will gladly send you my investment sheet. If for some reason, I haven’t replied to your mail within 2 days, you may send me an email directly at:


Where are you from? Are you willing to travel?

I’m based in Montreal, Quebec, and definitely willing to travel as I have itchy feet! Let me know about the location(s) so we can discuss this further regarding lodging and everything else.


Have any other questions? Don’t be shy to contact me!