Everytime I shoot weddings, I always get reminded of how much I love doing so, being part of one of the most important day of the bride and groom’s life – a day which never gets short of smiles and tears combined.

Line and Ramzy’s wedding started out at the Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Church, where the traditional ceremony was held, before heading to the Centre Nature of Laval. Despite the infinite number of bugs and the tight timeline we’ve had, we were blessed by the great weather and managed to catch the shots we needed during the Golden Hour.

Even though we had very little time after we’ve all arrived to the reception hall Buffet Roma (about 5-10 minutes TOP to prepare ourselves), we got a hold of the great entrance of the whole bridal party 😉 The whole hall was filled with some great dancing by most people, and I got to witness the famous “Dabke” dance for the first time, a traditional dance which involves people forming a line (either by holding hands or on their shoulders), and dancing around with the leader to the left. I have to say that, as usual, I almost shed a single one during the dances with Line and Ramzy’s parents. Such an emotional moment when you can actually feel the parent’s pride of their children all grown up, and taking over what they’ve done during the past years.With the incessant Dabkes, laughter and joy shared throughout the night, the whole evening never lacked of fun. Actually, this was probably one of the receptions in which I’ve seen the most people dance their hearts out.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves of this amazing day, that you will find below. Enjoy!

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