As Phil and Jina’s wedding was due in March, we needed to find a good spot to take the engagement photos before then. However, living in Canada certainly has its hiccups, and that includes experiencing an almost 6 months long frosty winter, which would make an outdoor session quite unpractical! When the idea of shooting inside Montreal’s botanical garden came up, we all knew it would be a definite GO already. I mean, who wouldn’t say no to being surrounded by beautiful plants, in a warm environment dazzling of colors?
Just when I was already excited enough for the shoot, the icing on the cake was revealed: Phil and Jina were planning to wear hanboks! (korean traditional dress) With the colorful dresses, I knew it’d mix up pretty well with the emerald lush garden.
We started out at one extremity of the garden, which involved a mini waterfall – the atmosphere was quite humid and hot, so it was hard to keep my lens unfogged during the key moments. The next room was better ventilated: we’ve seen along the path some exotic trees and plants (banana trees, pepper trees, etc) and occasionally stopped by to admire the fruits and spices in their early form of growth.
During the shoot, I didn’t need to say much or give directions. Phil and Jina had a naturally good chemistry, and I was amazed at how many tricks Phil had up his sleeve to make Jina laugh. At one point, we arrived in a room that had an Asian theme, and started cracking some jokes that they could look like they’re working there as the staff with their hanboks.
After we were through inside, we decided to brave the cold for a bit to have some photos done. We had the whole exterior area to ourselves! Phil and Jina managed to last for a solid half hour before we had to go back (they’re troopers!), and we were able to get some amazing shots with the sun setting.
I usually post less photos for an engagement blog post, but I found it REALLY hard this time to go below 10. Enjoy!

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