Back in the old days, when I was attending CEGEP (which is the period of 2 years between high school and university, unique to our Quebec province), I remember I was being thrown in a lot of random classes in order to give us a better idea of what we wanted to study in eventually. Physics, mathematics, biology, you name it. Obviously, chemistry was among them. In the middle of the semester, we were required to pair up with someone else in the class, in order to work on lab assignments, write reports, and what not. So, guess who I paired up with?

And that’s pretty much how I ever met Phil for the first time. Coming back from this memory lane to today just made me realize how time really flies, as he happily got to marry the girl of his dreams a few weeks ago, Jina. (and you two look great together by the way :D)

The wedding day went by quite smoothly, despite the rough chilly temperature. What really stood out from the day was especially the traditional korean ceremony, called “Pae-baek” (or Pyebaek). In a nutshell, it is an exchange of korean dates and chestnuts among the family members, which they’ll throw into the skirt of the bride. Those nuts represent children, and it is said that the more nuts the bride can catch, the more children she will have (no sexual innuendo there!).

Gathered down below are some of the pictures that I picked to summarize the whole day. Enjoy!

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